Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tree shadow shots

Since I'm obsessed with trees, it's no wonder that most of my shadow shots have trees in them.
This one is from a lovely cherry tree near the tennis courts. I cropped it so that the shadow was the subject.

It was the orange on these trunks that caught my eye but I think the shadows really add to to image.

These last two are of shadows on the dead oak trees in Uplands Park. I just love the twisted shapes these branches take on, and they're even more dramatic after the tree dies and the bark comes off to show the silvery wood beneath.

Here's a link to Harriet's Shadow Shot Sunday blog.


  1. That dead oak is gorgeous. I love tree branch shadows with all their intricacies. Wonderful series.

  2. They're all beautiful. I love the dead oak too.

  3. I love the one of the tree with the yellow lichen on. Beautiful!

  4. What terrific shots! A wonderful series indeed! Thanks for sharing! Happy SSS!

  5. I think these are terrific tree shadow shots!


  6. i love trees too...they're so wonderful, aren't they? i love these shadows, thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for your kind comments everyone.

  8. Love the last photo.

    It seems that this is me, having an argument w/ my teeny daughter, huh? *giggles

    Good catch!


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