Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturna Ridge

A day at Saturna Ridge with my brother and his family is such a break from the regular world. First because we're worlds away from traffic and commerce. The little cabin is hundreds of feet above the ocean with an incredible panoramic view. There are no neighbours (the nearest one being about a mile away).
Occasionally we see a couple of people hiking the trail along the ridge, but mostly it's just us and the wildlife (eagles, hawks, wild goats, and deer). The dogs can roam around and play. Well, not Geordie, he has to be on a rope because he would chase after the wildlife. But he's happy to hang out on the grass by the front deck.

And I love spending time with this little family. Callie, age six, is at that wondrous age when everything is exciting and interesting. We explored the beach, climbed trees, walked the trail and found a dead lizzard,

played with the dogs ,

and made an "art museum" complete with pictures cut from magazines.

I stayed for a barbeque as the sun set and then took the 9:00 ferry back to Victoria. A lovely day.


  1. It's beautiful. You must feel completely retooled once you get back from such a pretty place.

  2. I love the art museum. Such wonderful inventiveness kids have. Maybe it's the air on Saturna?

  3. Rudee, yes, it is a special place, and Stephanie, the air is great but you're right, kids are incredibly inventive.

  4. Hard to believe folks get to actually live within such beauty every day. Boggles my mind...


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