Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mrs. W.C. Slocock

I guess I'm truly a blogger now. My blog was mentioned by Distracted by Shiny Objects in her blog, A Tidings of Magpies--a first for me. And so I've claimed the 2009 Friendly Blogger award that she awarded me. Thank you "Distracted"....

I feel like I have so many new friends now through reading blogs and hopping from one to another. It's absolutely amazing the enormous number of fascinating, astute, intelligent, funny, beautiful blogs there are out there. And it's as easy as clicking on a name to visit them and find new friends. My world has expanded hugely with this new pastime.

I have to be careful not to start reading blogs while the bath is running. Just yesterday I missed an overflow by only an inch! Tonight through the list on Tidings of Magpies I found a blog about books, another passion of mine. I'll be following this blog now. My list of blogs to follow is getting very long. But each one leads me to another and so my world just keeps growing. What an amazing community.

Here's a photo of one of of the rhododendrons I've purchased for my new garden. There are six in all and it looks like this project may start coming together in the next couple of weeks. We're talking to guys with bobcats who can help us with the construction. It's very exciting. Many of the rhodos are named after women, perhaps the ladies that developed them. This one is called Mrs. W.C. Slockock. Isn't is pretty?


  1. Congratulations on your blog award! And Mrs. Slocock is very pretty. Wouldn't it be fun to have a flower named for you?

  2. I am a blogaholic too. It is as hard to quit this and it is to quit smoking. I found you through Distracted and have commented on your other site.
    I love forward to following your blog and your insights.

  3. Thanks Gail. I'm glad to have found your blog. Your life sounds very interesting and, in spite of the border collies, very different from mine.


I really appreciate your comments.