Saturday, May 16, 2009

Final Preparations

We're into the final preparations for our big dog walk event. The garage is stuffed full of signs, tables, bins and boxes, rolls of fencing and more. The raffle prizes are wrapped and tagged and the license has been approved.

Of course there have been glitches. The biggest one is that I forgot to pick up a key from the Parks office that would allow us to remove the bollard at the gate to the big field where we're setting up. This means that we won't be able to drive our vehicles in to unload. Everything will have to be hauled in by hand or with dollies and wheelbarrows. People have been very understanding about my mistake.

The good news is that the weather is predicted to be sunny and warm. Yesterday we even managed to get the dogs out for a little walk. This field isn't the one where we're going to be setting up but it has a similar feel. I haven't mentioned to the dogs yet that they'll have to be staying home tomorrow. We'll just be too busy to actually take them on the dog walk.


  1. Good luck with your big event tomorrow. It always surprises me with how many hours it takes to set up this kind of thing and how fast the day flies once it starts. I'm sure the dogs will forgive you.

  2. Oh no. Poor pooches have to stay behind while the other pooches get entertained. Good luck and good weather! Oh. And have fun!


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