Monday, May 18, 2009

Everybody and Their Dog was There

We had a fabulous day yesterday. Our Citizen Canine Dog Walk was a big success. The sun shone and people came out in droves. Everybody was so happy showing off their dogs and meeting other proud dog owners.

And what a variety of dogs!
Big and little; old and young.

But I think the best thing was to see the wonderful interactions between kids and dogs.

These kids had entered their dogs in the "fastest eater contest" and were holding up their hands to show their dogs were finished eating.

These were getting their dogs ready for the "most unique trick" contest.

People just love to bring their dogs to an event like this and show them off. This woman dressed her dog as a pirate for the "best dressed dog" contest. She came in first place.

It's wonderful to see how much everyone loves their dogs. All these people are waiting for the final contest: dog the judge would most like to take home. The judge said (of course) that she wanted to take them all home, but of course she couldn't find the space in her house. I know I would have had a difficult time choosing. They're all so gorgeous.


  1. That looks like such a fun day! I'm curious about the judge's take-home dog, it the one in the last photo?

  2. Did you have a dog who looks most like its owner contest?

    I love the fifth one down-the dog with the white socks.

  3. Stephanie,
    I didn't actually get a photo of the dog the judge choose. It was somewhat like her own dog, a labradoodle. Breed favoritism may have been a factor.

    We did indeed have a dog most like owner contest. The fellow who won it was dressed in black with piercings and the cutest English bulldog. I'll post a photo. That was a really fun contest.

  4. Rudee,
    The dog you like was called Bear. He was a gorgeous boy and really big. Can't remember the breed though, a mix for sure.


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