Monday, May 4, 2009

Further Bureaucracy

We're still waiting to hear from the bureaucrats at the municipal parks department about our landscaping plans. I've been trying for three and a half weeks now to set up a meeting between ourselves (us and the landscape designer) and the Parks Department people to discuss what plantings will or will not be allowed on the boulevard in front of our house.

When I didn't hear back from them after the first week I discovered that they wanted an official application for a boulevard permit, so I trotted down to the municipal hall and submitted our drawing along with a note that we had several options for plantings and wanted to arrange for a meeting so could they please call us. After another week and a half I received a formal letter from them advising me that our permit application was rejected because we didn't include specifics about the planting, and suggesting that we --you guessed it--call to set up a meeting with them.

That was on Thursday. I phoned the parks people immediately saying I wanted to arrange a meeting and asking them to phone me back. Nothing Thursday, nothing Friday. This morning I left another message. No response.

I'm really wondering what it will take to get them to respond. My plan now is to call twice today, three times tomorrow, four times the next day and see how long it takes. I'll keep you posted.

I'd like to politely remind these people that it is we who pay their salaries--but I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with them. Or maybe I already have.


  1. Sounds amazingly like Mexico. I bet they never even read your note. Good luck, remember, keep smiling, if nothing else that will confuse them!

  2. Maybe you'll have to take a bedroll and camp out at the municipal hall. With a great big sign! Clearly, it doesn't matter which foot you use when approaching these folks.

  3. You may be waiting past planting season. Talk about government red tape-this seems to be right up there.


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