Friday, April 1, 2011

B - Border Collies

B would have to be for Border Collies, as they've been a big part of my life for more than twelve years now.  I just love having these dogs.  They keep me on my toes.  They're so smart.  I swear my dogs know at least 50 words and phrases and it doesn't matter what tone of voice I use, they know what I'm saying.

Dear Maggie was my sporting girl.  I'd never been involved in any team sport until I got her and we started doing flyball.  She's a natural athlete and ran so fast and earned so many points.  Because of her I had the exciting experience of being part of a winning team.  We also did agility together and she ran like the wind.  In fact she was too fast.  We lost points because she tended to miss parts of the course in her excitement.  In the first couple of years of having Maggie I lost ten pounds.  That's pretty cool.

Geordie, on the other hand, has been a teacher in a different way.  I sometimes call him my special needs dog.  He is noise sensitive in the extreme, he is fear aggressive with other dogs, he doesn't like new people, and he's pushy and strong.  At the same time he's a cuddly boy and wants to please.

Because of Geordie I've become involved in the politics of responsible dog ownership.  And boy oh boy, have I learned about training and communicating with dogs.  We've attended a number of seminars and I've read multitudes of books.  Geordie taught me that you can't be a leader to a dog unless you have their respect.  He's nine now and we still have to manage him but what a big heart he has! 

Border Collies rock!


  1. i love border collies. when i lived in england we had one. he was born on a welsh farm and joined us as a puppy. he was the most patient and kind dog i've known. steven

  2. Your dogs are beautiful. I am a dog mom to two Yorkies and I appreciate how you've described their unique personalities. They are all their own dog, aren't they?

  3. Gorgeous dogs! We don't have one, but my grandpa use to have a border collie.

  4. Lovely doggies - I know a dog here who's called Geordie, though she's a labrador. hehe

  5. Maggie has such an intelligent gaze, and I love Geordie's coloring. I've always admired Border Collies for their smarts, loyalty, and athleticism.

  6. A lovely post, have beautiful dogs in Maggie and Geordie, and your photos of them are great!

    Life would not be half as rewarding without our furry friends, indeed...:)

    Imagination Lane

  7. Beautiful Dogs, no doubt they never tire and are full of enthusiasm 24/7 !?


  8. Best dogs ever...I agree! This is Amber, from Mazatlan...remember Ikea? She's getting more and more gorgeous, and we're wondering if you guys are looking at coming back down! Were you here this fall and I just didn't see you guys?

  9. Hi Amber, I sure do remember you and your sweet puppy. I bet she's beautiful now. We weren't in Maz last winter, stayed home to do some renovation work. Maybe next year.
    Thanks for visiting.


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