Saturday, April 23, 2011

T - Tea

At our house tea is the morning drink--and the evening drink.  After a number of years we've refined our tea preparation to a fine art. Follow along if you want to know how to make a perfect cup.

1.  Use loose tea of good quality.
We've tried many types and continue to experiment.  For our morning tea we use Murchies number 10, a blend of black teas.  For evenings we try all kinds including flavoured green teas and roibus.  

2.   Use the right equipment.
For loose tea we use a stainless steel wire basket that fits right into the teapot. For a big pot we use a tablespoon of loose tea and fill the pot with boiling water.  It must be truly boiling.

You can see here how the tea leaves have expanded in the wire basket.  This allows them to release their full flavour.

(By the way, this stainless steel teapot came with us on our trips to Mexico.  The spout actually came off last year and we took it to a little shop to have it welded back on.  It's not pretty but it still works for us. )

3.  Wait
Wait five minutes then give it a little stir and pour into your cups.  

 4.  Add milk and a bit of sugar if you like.  And enjoy.  


  1. Tea is my preferred anytime beverage. I love that you mended your perfect pot.

  2. Great pictures! and i do love tea! it's all i ever drink.I'll be sure to this special way of preparing it.
    Great meeting you through the A-Z!


  3. I love tea, too, but prefer it as an afternoon pick me up. I drink coffee in the morning. Loose tea is the best, but I do have a hankering for Republic of Tea, Earl Greyer now and then. It comes in a bag.

  4. In the morning, I have one cup of coffee, one cup of black tea, and one cup of green tea. I like to cover all my bases.

  5. i live for my tea....2 cups daily no matter the winter 3 or 4 for sure !!!


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