Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q - Quiz

Here's a little quiz in honor of the letter Q.  It's a short quiz; just three questions.  I've provided my answers below each question.

Question #1:   Are you happy with your life? 

A:      Yes, most of the time.

Question #2:  What makes you happy about it?

A:      My family, my dear friends, my sweet little house and garden, my darling dogs, space in my life to choose to do things that interest me like exploring with a camera, watercolor painting, traveling, cooking and eating, getting involved in things I care about....  I could go on. 

Question #3:  What can you change to make your life better? 

A:       I can remind myself to say no to the things that I take on out of a sense of obligation so as to leave more time for things that bring me joy.  (This includes saying no to any more big renovation projects!)

I woke up this morning stressing about all the things I have to get done in the next month--and it's a busy one.  I even started to feel sorry for myself because there's so much to do.  But spending just a few minutes asking myself these questions has given me back my positive perspective on life. 

Do you have a few moments to take the quiz?


  1. 1: Very Happy

    2: My family and my faith

    3: I can improve myself to weed out those faults that create negative thoughts.

    Thanks for the quiz !!


  2. 1. Yes, I'm very happy with my life.

    2. I have love, good health and the freedom to learn new things every day.

    3. I could set different priorities and maybe accomplish more. But then that might not make me as happy as I am now. I might be falling for that 'greener grass'.

  3. 1)yes
    2)my extremly understanding and supportive family
    3)I quit my job, went back to school, just finished yesterday, now I just need to pass my boards and get a job... all in good time
    Happy Q day!


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