Friday, April 22, 2011

S - Spring at last

I know that parts of Canada are still covered in ice and snow but today I'm celebrating the arrival of spring on Haliburton Hill.  Here it's sunny and there's even a hint of warmth.  I went out into the back yard with the camera (and without a coat!) to record the signs.    Beginning of course with the lovely dandelion and following up with other buds and new leaves.  A little spring for Easter weekend. 

The flowers are pretty but often what catches my eye are the new green leaves pushing their way out of the ground or gently unfurling on the branches.

Above is a shiny new Rhubarb leaf, and here are tiny buds on  the Five-leaf Akebia.  Below is the new growth on the Ninebark and at the very bottom the leaves that will feed the raspberries. 


  1. Beautiful !
    You are so lucky to have such a wonderful garden.

    Unlike you we did not have a winter this year so our spring is not a wonderful as past years. The wildflowers are not as abundant but still lovely and thank goodness for the Prickly Pears they are in bloom everywhere !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Beautiful Flowers, here in the UK we are experiencing fantastic weather for April 26C today !!!


  3. I'm ready for that hint of warmth to become a full heat wave. Long live spring and summer! It's a pleasure to meet you via the A-Z challenge!

  4. joanna, the grass is green and the very tips of the twigs are showing the palest edge of colour here. lucky you and thanks for sharing your fortune!! steven

  5. I love that green of the raspberry leaf. Just so jewel-like. I agree that it's fun to focus on the shapes of those emerging leaves.

  6. Beautiful spring blooms (even the dandelion!) and those bright green leaves thrill me, too.

  7. Your spring is a few leaps ahead of us in MN - beautiful, inspiring photos! I have been lucky to visit Victoria in the spring a few times , when my daughter was attending school nearby. I love that city! I remember a favorite house where tulips grew on the roof of the garage--have you ever seen that house? I'd love to try that, but i think it wold be too cold here.


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