Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J - Jewels from the garden

For the letter J I'm focusing on the jewel-like colours of flowers (and other edible plants).   In the past year I've begun to do water colour paintings of flowers and the light shining through the petals entrances me.  Here are a few of the jewels I've found.  Who needs rubies or amethyst or sapphires when these are blooming and growing?

I'm posting this also to Tuesday in the Garden over at Sidewalk Shoes.  Check out both the A to Z challenge entrants at the top of the sidebar and the gardeners who're posting here.


  1. be jeweled and bedazzled!
    you have painted my heart.

  2. These photos are spectacular, as are their subject matter. Thanks for sharing. I remember the gardens when I visited Victoria and Vancouver, BC. Awesome.

  3. Your jewel box is so full of garden delights. I love the squash blossom just uncurling.

  4. These photos are beautiful!!

  5. Lovely. Yeah, who needs those other things indeed.
    (Your Follow button is not functioning at the moment - mine neither -, I'll come back later).

    Life on The Farm

  6. The flowers are gorgeous and those berries made me hungry. They look WAY too good.

  7. Beautiful pictures, stunning :-)


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