Monday, April 18, 2011

O - Ocean

Living near to the ocean as I do, it can be easy to forget its wonder and beauty; to take it for granted.  The ocean has  been a backdrop to almost all of my life.  When I was a kid, my sister I and spent hours exploring the shore and the tide pools on our summer trips to Saturna Island.  And as an adult, I think first of the beach as a destination for a walk with the dogs.  I even lived on the ocean for a while in my 20s when I spent a couple of years living on a sailboat. 

The thing about the ocean is that it's always there--and it's always different. I can't really picture a life without the ocean nearby.  


  1. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. While I don't get to the ocean often, when I do, it feels like home.

  2. Snap! Of course, we would both choose 'ocean' today. Your photos are so warm and calm.

  3. Your very lucky ! My wife would love to retire to an ocean cottage in later life ! Beautiful pictures :)


  4. These pictures are gorgeous. You are so lucky.

  5. i've visited th atlantic twice in the past year and both times i was blown away and changed irrevocably. the pacific is on my list. you lucky lady!!! steven

  6. When I lived next to the ocean in Laguna Beach I was so very lucky to have Pelicans that would fly by my home everyday...
    I grew up in the desert and now I am back but I miss the ocean everyday.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. WOW gorgeous pictures!

    Whenever I am feeling low or let down, I imagine myself standing with my feet in the sea.

    Greetings from a fellow A to Z blogger

  8. I never lived by the coast until last year in November. Now I get to wake up with a view of the entire bay. So stunning. And like you said, every day is different.

    I love it.


  9. I absolutely could not agree more!

  10. "There is nothing more beautiful
    than the way ocean refuses
    to stop kissing the shoreline
    no matter how many times it is sent away."

    thank you for filling me with the beauty of the sea...


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