Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E - Eggplant blossom

This is the blossom of the eggplant. Isn't it the most ethereal colour?   I'm glad I found this photo in my archives because I was stuck for the subject of the today's E post.  The only words that were running through my mind last night as I went to sleep were:  enervated and exhaustion.  There's too much going on in my life these days and my goal of simplicity and balance has flown out the window.  So it's nice to experience and be entranced by the the beauty of this elegant blossom.


  1. And, right there, in your photo is the simplicity and balance. Hope your exhausting work is soon done. The garden - a reward - awaits.

  2. LOVE THIS! So beautiful.

    I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.

  3. Must plant an Eggplant today.....

    That is one of my most favorite colors.

    I laughed when you wrote how busy and wanted to simplify your life. Now with all your projects, the watercolor class, blog, the dog, the garden, fixing up the rental..... and then to top it off your going to start the A to Z everyday blog... way to cut back.


    I am so interested and happy your doing this blog, it has been a treat for me to see what you come up with everyday.
    Great posts so far !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Makes you want to plant eggplant just have those flowers around, gorgeous!

  5. So pretty. Love your abc of blossoms.

  6. Elegant is right! These are lovely photos...
    Jan Morrison

  7. So pretty! I'd love to do a bedroom that color.

  8. Stephanie, you're quite right. We have to take our simplicity and balance in the moments of experience.

  9. Dierdra, many thanks for this award. The artwork is lovely. I shall display it with pleasure.

  10. Hey Parsnip, you've caught me out there. I can't really complain about being busy as all (well, most of them anyway, are things I've chosen to do.
    I hope you enjoy the ABC posts as much as I enjoy your comments.

  11. Jan, your post on elegance does connect with my elegant eggplant. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Thanks the rest of you for your comments. This soft rich mauve colour really is entrancing me. I find I can't stop looking at it this afternoon.

  12. now really joanna! eggplant produces a flower that beautiful - yes ethereal even!!! wow!!! really bigtime wow! steven

  13. sensual,


I really appreciate your comments.