Saturday, April 9, 2011

H - Haliburton Farm

Right across the street from us is this little yellow mailbox with a farm stand sign beneath it.  Haliburton Farm is a community organic farm that got started at about the same time we moved here.  The first time I went down the road I found only a boarded up house and a fenced in area that looked to be an overgrown orchard.

This is what it looked like the first winter.

This was part of the road and field last spring...

And here it is today.  Some of the old trees were cut down (and some were left).  There are a bunch of energetic volunteers who come out to maintain the grounds, build greenhouses and plant and tend the gardens.

It's a thriving place now, complete with signage, an organic box program and special events like the Chefs in the Garden lunch we attended last year.

It's fun living across from Haliburton Farm because we feel like we're in the country.  At this point we're not that involved.  We use the road for walking the dogs.  But that will change once we're finished our renovations.  We'll be finding out how we can participate too.  Here's a link if you want to find out more.


  1. places like haliburton farm add to my excitement about the times we live in. it's not simply a matter of returning to a simpler way of life but a more purposeful and caring approach to life. steven

  2. Right on Steven. It augers well for our times.

  3. Wish there was a place like Haliburton's in my area. Organic fruits and veggies in the chain grocery stores are so expensive and often look as wilted as the non-organic offerings.

  4. This is a perfect offering for the letter H.

  5. How wonderful to have the right across the street!

  6. It sounds like you live in a wonderful area.
    How lucky to live across the street from a farm.
    From some early photos you posted it looked like you lived on a more residential type street. This is so much better.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Hey Parsnip, it actually is quite residential in parts, with little bits of rural here and there. We're luck to look out on one of them.

  8. I'd never have known the farm was there! What a nice treat to look forward to participating when you 'retire'.


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