Thursday, April 14, 2011

L - Lemons

Lemons--what can I say?  I just love them.  I love their smell, that sharp tanginess.  I love the colour.  I love the shape: round but with a darling little bud at each end. 

I love the taste--tart and with just a touch of sugar added such a delicate sweetness.  A slice or two of lemon changes a glass of water into a totally different drink. My friend Kath drinks quarts of lemon water every day.  She slices up a couple of lemons and puts them in a clear glass jug full of water and leaves it on the counter.   

Cooking with lemons covers every aspect of the culinary.  Just think of fish and lemon, avoglimono soup, lemonade,  lemon squares.  Grated lemon rind enlivens everything.  And I add lemon juice to many things--from soup to salad dressing.  I wouldn't be without lemons--ever.


  1. luscious and lovely. makes me lick my lips!!! steven

  2. I'm trying to imagine what cooking - and life - was like without lemons.

  3. Lemon is the major component in my homemade cough syrup. Equal parts honey, lemon and really good whiskey.

  4. Just the look of them in a bowl is appealing!

  5. Lemons is one of my go to spices. I put lemon in almost everything.
    Now since my Lemon tree was so damage by the freeze we had in Tucson, I have had to remember to buy them at the store instead of just going out to the side yard and pick one.

    Your photo today was spectacular.

    cheers, parsnip


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