Thursday, April 5, 2012

E - eggplant (not eagles)

I know I said I would be posting about things I see around my neighbourhood so this is kind of stretching it.  The only place we see eggplants is the grocery store.  I was going to post about eagles, which we see every day around Victoria.  But I don't have a good photograph of an eagle--because they're usually high up in the trees or in the sky.  Just yesterday when my sister's little dog was out in the back yard an eagle swooped low to check her out.  Really!  People with small dogs and cats have to be aware of these gorgeous birds of prey.  

But back to eggplant.  I love these vegetables for their beautiful smooth purple skin and their soft rounded  shape.  I don't actually even like the taste that much (except in  eggplant parmagianna, which is too rich for my current diet).  But a few times a year when I see a lovely specimen like this one I'll buy it so I can run my hands over the smooth silky skin and admire the sculptured leaves.  Then I might photograph it or draw it or even eat it.  

So that's my E post today.  I'll try to do better tomorrow.


  1. Try grilling your eggplant for a tasty treat. The grill turns this otherwise bland veggie into something quite special.

  2. That is one beautiful looking eggplant! My family loves eggplant parmesan, so I rarely get to see one in all of its glory! Julie

  3. I've never prepared eggplant, but I also like it's shape and color. Even hawks sometimes check out small dogs - I'm sure the Eagle could carry it off.

  4. When I get finished my current A-Z - which has me writing about places I've lived (Victoria being one of them) and my upcoming move I'll post my recipe for eggplant and yoghurt salad :) easy peasy. Otherwise baked eggplant - in the skin - is best, scoop it out and mix with a little garlic and olive oil and you have a nice spread for toast or dip for other veg.


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