Thursday, April 26, 2012

W - Weeds

If I'm looking for something for my W post, something that's around me a lot these days, the winner would be weeds.  Tulip time is also the time when the weeds take hold and grow like crazy.  I've been spending pretty much all my spare time out in the garden weeding.  So just for fun I took some weed photos. You'll likely be familiar with most of them if you have any kind of a yard at all.

Some, like the daisies, buttercups and dandelions look lovely in a meadow but not so nice in your lawn.

And others sneak up in the flower beds, hiding their little leaves underneath a twig while they gather their strength to show themselves.  

And then there's this one that doesn't hide at all but bursts through the ground all over the place.  It's some kind of version of bindweed (also called Morning Glory) and it's my mortal enemy.

If you know me at all you'll be aware that I'm pretty much obsessed with photographing flowers, trees and plants.  So why should I leave weeds out?  I admire all growing things, even weeds.  Well, especially weeds, because they're so strong and tenacious.

I'm not a compulsive gardener; my garden is for fun but I do find myself fighting these intruders.  If I let them go for too long they really do start taking over. 

So after enjoying the specialness of these weeds for a few moments, I'll be heading out to haul them out of the ground.  The whole idea is that plants like these tulips that need some care will have space to bloom.

How do you feel about weeds?  


  1. Well, I love dandelions--but only because my kids pick them for me and insist I put them in little glasses of water. Their bright color cheers me up--even though they are weeds! :)

  2. Ah! Weeds! the BANE of my existence from April to November! But I don't mind trying to tame them because I love to be outside!

  3. Like you I have a love/hate relationship with weeds. Left in the field they are wildflowers and delight the eye. Even buttercups which are my constant project. But they are so sturdy and multiply so effectively that the garden would soon be overrun. I have pretty much given up on a grass lawn: it is now a moss lawn on one side of the house and a mown meadow on the other. And I like it better that way.

  4. Oh Dear and I thought Buttercups and Morning Glory were flowers ?
    I know I have planted Morning Glory in one home and I know in some places they can grow like "weeds"
    Where I live now, no weeds ! any new green shoots will be eaten by the wild critters the second it pokes the head from the ground.
    The glory of living n the desert.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. As you know, at my altitude, I'm grateful for whatever grows - EXCEPT dandiilions!


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