Friday, April 27, 2012

X - xu

With X being such a tough letter to work with, I'm kind of doing a repeat of last year's post.  Xu is another little-known word that Scrabble players use.  Last year I thought the only two letter word that started with X is xi (a Greek letter) but with another year of online Scrabble under my belt I've learned that the word xu is also acceptable.  It refers to an old form of Vietnamese currency.  But of course the meaning is irrelevant.  What's important is the placement of the x on a double or triple scoring square.

I have to admit that I now play either Scrabble or Lexulous (a somewhat similar word game) through my Facebook page with seven people.  That's seven or sometimes more Scrabble moves a day.  I find it keeps the brain cells popping.  Plus I get to learn more archaic two-letter words.

I took this image from Google images because it's such a nice fit for the A to Z theme of this month.   


  1. The image does wrap up the concept neatly.

    You're absolutely right about there being no need to know what the words mean for Scrabble points. But don't we always want to know? We have the latest Scrabble dictionary always on hand. Funny how they keep finding words that are OK. When I started playing Scrabble, I believe that foreign words weren't allowed. Things change.

    Thanks for the reference to Camelot. I don't know it (being an avoider of musicals) but it does sound like a natural characteristic for such an idyllic place.

  2. Your very clever today.
    I think when I started to play scrabble you couldn't use foreign words.
    I like the game Bananagrams, but daughter has absconded with the pieces in that cute little bag !

    cheers, parsnip


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