Sunday, April 15, 2012

N - New growth

The garden at this time of year is exploding with new growth.  Peonies are budding, tiny stems force their way out of the dead looking wood on the Akebia vine, and the day lilies push up bright green new leaves.  

I've been following these tender leaves and buds for the past couple of days since the weather warmed up.  It amazes me more each year that the dead looking plants come to life with new growth.   I've noticed that much of the new growth has a vibrant red tinge to it.  Like the little curls on these leaves, and the rose leaves...  

and even the sweet little new leaf on the Magnolia tree. 

Spring is such a joyful reminder to celebrate the new growth all around us.

Uh oh!  Just realized that this is Sunday, the day off for A to Zers.  So my post for N is day early.


  1. Beautiful pics and a wonderful sentiment! Have a great Sunday. :)

  2. Love these photos! That magnolia leaf is a stunner! The new growth is probably why I love spring so much. Funny, when my son left for the Caribbean he commented that he'd be sorry to miss springtime here. It is a special time for those of us who love to watch the delicate shoots emerge.

  3. What gorgeous photos, Joanna...I am a visual learner, so I plan to follow you! Hope you enjoy the remainder of the Challenge...

  4. Wow! Beautiful photos! Love the green blades and the sky.


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