Saturday, April 21, 2012

S - Seagulls

I've lived on the coast for my whole life with the exception of two years when I was a teenager and seagulls have always been there.  I rarely even notice them unless they're flying by at the right time to add to a photograph.  But last night when I decided to post about them I realized that they're quite cool birds.    They're brash and pushy, competing with crows for our garbage.

In fact a wheeling group of seagulls above the dump was a constant in Prince Rupert.  They follow the ferries waiting for people to throw them a scrap.  And when I worked in a downtown office building some years ago, there was one that came to the window every day at lunchtime for the crust of my sandwich.  He'd rap with his beak on the glass if I was tardy.

And in flight they really are beautiful.  These sea birds are part of the texture of my life here on the coast.  This last photo is actually not a seagull, but another seabird viewed from a boat off of Mazatlan.


  1. I think they're beautiful birds. I used to feed them down by the lake whenever I had the chance.

  2. Your second photo is wonderful. Beautiful gray. On the California coast they are mostly white.

    They are somewhat a pest when your sitting at the beach but I would miss them if they were gone. I loved the little Sandpipper that ran with the waves at the beach.
    You knew when he fishing boats came in at Dana Point between the Pelicans and sea Gulls there was a lot of open beaks, wings and squawking. Loved it.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hey Parsnip,
      I love the pelicans and the sandpipers too. We don't get those here. The seagull in the second photo is a juvenile--that's why the mottled colour.

  3. They are quite beautiful on a sunny day with the sun making their wings gleam against the blue sky. Gulls are friendly birds to me. Always ready to be with people.


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