Saturday, April 14, 2012

M - Motorino

Motorino is the Italian word for motor scooter.  This is my dear husband's new toy.  Red, of course!  It's something he's been pining for since we went to Italy last June.  For years he's been talking about getting a motorcycle and I've been strongly resistant.  For safety reason more than anything else, although it's also that I'm not a fan of motorcycle culture.  But somehow motor scooters are a different thing altogether.

In larger cities in Italy the four-wheeled vehicles are banned from the central areas so there are hundreds of motor scooters being ridden by everyone from teenaged girls to older men, often dressed to the nines and heading to work.

This is an Italian motor scooter.  Isn't it cute?  So far I haven't even got a ride on it (although you can see there's room on the back).

Harry has his motorcycle license from many, many years ago but he's taking his time getting to know how to ride again.  Soon enough I'll get a chance to ride too (on the back that is).  Then we can pop over to the library or down to the rec centre or to the grocery store in true Italian style.


  1. I love it! I want one. :-) Enjoy the ride....

  2. Now that is one maaaahvelous bike!


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